Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I LOVE scripture imposed on pictures.  This is a breath taking picture outside my front porch during our last winter storm, and another "fun" winter event is looming on the horizon tonight.  It's easy to get tired of snow and ice, but what a pretty sight and a beautiful reminder in scripture:  Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow....Isaiah 1:18.  So grateful that my MESSY life, that is full of stains that no amount of apologies and tears could erase, is wiped away by the blood of the spotless Lamb of God.  Yours is (or could be too)...if you cry out to him.  If you have questions...I would be honored to help you understand this better. 

What kind of messy life do you have?  Do you ever feel "Undone"?  I am so excited to be part of a book launch team for a book of that same title:  Undone.  You can read a sample of the book at:  http://undonebook.com/.  Pre-Order a copy of Undone and receive a beautiful downloadable print commissioned specifically for the release of the book.  I cannot say enough about this book, and about it's author.  My pastor always says that "you are about to come into a storm, you are going through the storm or you are coming out of the storm...but there is always a storm".  This is been the truth for this author.  I was constantly AMAZED by her courage, strength, boldness, tenacity and enduring faithfulness...but as you read...she will be honest and transparent...those adjectives I so endearingly described isn't what always scratched the surface.

Here is a clip from the webpage:

Michele Cushatt wanted a well-ordered life.  Peace, predictable and happy.  A life she could control.

She never expected a devastating divorce and single motherhood. Or a second marriage marred by the challenges of a blended family. Undaunted, Michele worked hard to put her upside-down life back in order. Until, at the age of thirty-nine, she received a cancer diagnosis. And eight months later, she opened her near empty-nest home to three little ones in crisis. The resulting chaos proved far more than she could contain.

Do yourself a favor, and check this book out.  I encourage you to follow Michele Cushatt on Facebook, so you can keep up to date with her cancer fight.  I know she would covet your prayers in so many avenues the book can furthermore explain. 

You might feel UNDONE...but like Michele says "you can make peace with an unexpected life".

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