Thursday, December 11, 2014

Be the ONE

For those that have been blogging for a while...have you ever wondered if anyone reads it?  Do you remember the first comment you received on a published post?  Well, after my second published post, I received one last night.  Thank you Robbie!   I even gained another follower! :)   A comment truly makes a difference!

I  was having  my quiet time, this morning, and a thought came to my mind "Be the One".  I thought about...during this time at we each could "Be the One" to simply share Jesus by merely saying "Merry Christmas".  A simple smile and a COMMENT could lift ones spirits dampened by financial woes, marital stresses, loved ones battling cancer, loss of a job and and many other things that takes the joy out of the holidays for so many.   A comment last night propelled me to write another post, so think what a comment would do for someone you meet at the Walmart checkout, a Santa line at the mall, a frazzled Mom with tired kids or other places along your daily journey?  What would a comment do for you at this very moment?

Can I just say how LONG it took for me to find a way to post the above picture? :)  I will spare all the issues with text boxes and microsoft word.  I had an amazing clip art background that I never could get to work that, when I originally saw it, caused me to look at the statement "Be The One" in a different light...reducing me to tears, but I could never get it to post.  I had to use word art and text boxes to drive my point across. 

When you look at the picture's merely be the one; however, when you move the 1 to the becomes BETHEL.  In the original Hebrew, Bethel means "house of God".....a place to encounter God.  WOW!  If we are to Be The One...we need to encounter Him!  In the busyness of the season are you spending any time with the Lord?  In II Kings 22:1-11 you will find that King Josiah wanted to rebuild the temple that was in ruins.  During the clean up the "word of God" was found by those repairing the temple.  Bottom line:  the word of God was lost in the house of God.  I truly believe that happens to a lot of us.  Since we are a temple of the Holy Spirit, there are times that we lose the word of God in the "house of God".  Does His word abide in you?  Experience Bethel....find Him in your moment right now....Be the One to someone else, but don't short change yourself....put the word of God into your very own Bethel! 

Blessings to you and yours,







  1. Angie,
    I am a grandma. Keep posting. You never know wwho you will encouragee as you have me tody. Thaks!

    1. Oh Ann, thank you so much for your comment! I truly want to use this as an avenue to encourage others, and it touched my heart to know that it touched yours! God bless you!

  2. I'm enjoying your posts although usually I don't comment. Please continue writing.

    1. Tracy...I so appreciate you taking the time to comment. It truly helps to know the time is worth it. So grateful for your kind words! Comment more often! :)