Saturday, February 14, 2015

Meet my friend Jeni

Have you ever had a friend where you literally scratch your head why he/she had never married?   Meet my friend, Jeni:

Are you scratching your head too?  Seriously....she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  Jeni is a devoted Christian, active in her local church and is a wonderful prayer warrior.  She coordinates our friend group (from all over) to pray for each other and our families.  Jeni is a fitness buff, outgoing, adventurous, kind, compassionate, funny, fun, outdoorsy, loves sports - especially football (I know some men will appreciate the fact that SHE will yell over THEM.  Word of caution:  if he cannot tolerate the Green Bay Packers...send him to someone else...she's a die hard cheesehead!)

Jeni has a wonderful sense of humor and loves action movies (guys will love the fact that she would much rather watch an action movie over a chick flick.  Can you say WINNER?)  She is a WWII buff, a patriot, and lover of all things military (she is not opposed dating anyone in the military).  Jeni LOVES God, country, family and animals.  She LOVES children and isn't opposed to dating anyone having kids. Jeni may be a pint size (5'2) but her heart is HUGE! 

I just know there is someone out there that not only meets and shares the things she LOVES (it's a big deal to her to find someone who matches her interests)...but one who is interested in pursuing her and truly has an interest in a committing relationship centered on Christ's model of the church.

I am committed to praying that as soon as I post and publish this blog, the Lord will guide the most perfect man into her life.  Get the word out blog friends...Jeni will only be available for a short while!  :)


Love you Jeni Bean!!  ((HUG))