Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Blessings

Merry Christmas from the Slones!

As I look over my friends blogs, while attempting to venture posting more blog entries, I notice they post a lot of pictures.  My post from last Christmas was basically a pictureless post...making it merely an electronic Christmas newsletter.  That was my intent then; however, since I want to post more entries as an avenue to scrapbook the life with my people...I need to get with the program.  Bear with me as I share Christmas in my little town with my precious people.  Also, please keep in mind that many of my friends and family recieved Christmas postcards with a link to this blog, so I will update a bit about each member of my family.   I PROMISE my future posts won't be as long!  :)

I will forever and ever LOVE the picture above from our previous homeowners and friends (Vandenburgs).  The DETAIL in each snowflake is amazing and the glow of the lights and the snow makes it a Hallmark picture.  This picture makes me think of Christmas,'s not likely it'll be a white Christmas this year.

Since I cannot "dream of a White Christmas", I chose to make snowmen in a different fashion.  I love how my front porch turned out.  I kind of like snowmen as you can see.  :)

I have several trees throughout the house and pretty much have every room decorated, but will spare all those pictures, but I do LOVE the glow of the tree in the media room from the stairway.   I am one of those that would LOVE to leave Christmas up all year round.  Call me weird, but I do so love the lights and decorations. 

As promised, I do plan to update on the Slone happenings for our friends and family that we don't get to keep in touch with very often (not by choice...but life happens).  Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, and I will try to make it quick:

Greg is still working for Walmart Corporate and has been with the company for over 12 years now.   When he's not working, he is working out...literally.  He is into Cross-Fit, golfs on a league and is working with Baylie with softball.  He rarely sits still...that's why he is married to me. (I need a smiley face emoji)

Rylie is an honors sophmore and is busy all the time!  She is extremely active with our youth group and is on the leadership team.  She is in the process of saving and doing fundraisers to help fund her mission trip to Ecuador next summer.  She is beyond excited about it.  She sings with the youth choir and is in Sophmore select choir with her High School.  She started Debate this year and made 3rd place in her very first tournament as a novice (against champs).  We always thought she could we have proof! :)

Baylie is in 6th grade and is extremely busy athletically (while Rylie artistically).  All last year we were literally in basketball or softball practices and had games or tournaments almost every weekend (sometimes at the same time).  Baylie finally decided she like softball better and wanted to work on that craft, so she dropped basketball.  She played softball, for years, on a local Rec league and a few weeks ago tried out for a travel league and made the team.  I was so proud of her, but her daddy (Mr. Baseball) was thrilled!  :)   She also picked up an instrument this year:  Alto Sax.  She's not so sure she loves the instrument, but she is learning music, so it makes her Momma happy!

As for me....I am still doing the same things, working at home or at the church.  I still help as a coordinator for VBS, work with our preschool/nursery, direct 5th/6th grade choirs (we have a big church, and the grades are separated), sing in the choir, play handbells...and many other things, but I don't want to bore anyone! ;)

Bottom line:  This family is BUSY!  We wouldn't have it any other way. Everything we do...we do together.  Our Christmas blessings remain in the blessing of each other, but more the one who gave every perfect gift:  JESUS. 


Merry Christmas from the Slones.  We wish you all the happiest of holidays and a wonderful New Year!  Thank you for taking time to read this LONG post.  Please drop a line and let me know you stopped by...I would love to hear from you.




  1. Love your gorgeous home! Snow or no! : ) And you wouldn't have bored me with all the details of VBS or Children's Choirs~ I pray we are in a large enough church again one day for me to direct First Grade Choir, my passion! For now, The Lord has us where we are and I know we will be in such a congregation again, sooner than later. Enjoy your Christmas with your family!

    1. Hello Rebecca! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments! I love your you accept where you are worshipping at the moment and know the Lord's plan in your life to serve wherever He wants you to give of your time. I do hope He will have you where you can give of your music or in the future. Thanks again for taking the time to's like getting a letter in the mail. I LOVE each and every single one. Praying God's blessings upon this season for you and yours!