Monday, December 9, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Slones!

Merry Christmas!!

2013 is more of a "digital" age for the Slone's.  More for Angie, that is, since Greg is way more computer/tech savvy than his bride.  For over 16 years, Angie has made a newsletter each year that she sent out with Christmas cards to update friends and family near and far on the life and happenings of the Slone family.   Angie decided that it would be more productive, and more earth friendly, to send a regular postcard for Christmas and have a link to view a "blog" for a newsletter.  This way...if you want to get an update, you can...and if you are one that doesn't like reading won't!  :)   We are thrilled you are reading this; hence, it shows that you are one that enjoys hearing from us.  Thank you!

As this blog is being typed, on a Monday, the kids have been out of school since the previous Thursday.  Almost a foot of snow, sleet and freezing rain has made the roads an icy mess.  It was great for a few days, but the snow days are cutting into summer plans!  

So far, 2013 has been a good year.  I'll try to update as much as I can, starting with Rylie:

The beginning of High School has brought a plethora of activities, including football games, dances, basketball games, choir concerts and MUCH more!  Everything was fine until we shopped for a Homecoming's real folks...just FOUR more years!! :(   It's hard to believe that Rylie is almost 15 (in May) and is in the NINTH grade!  She has been doing a wonderful job maintaining a 4.0 average.  She auditioned, last year, and made the Women's Advanced Choir in High School.  She had never been in any organized choir outside of church and made it.  She auditioned, recently, for All Region...and out of 180 Alto 1's that auditioned, she made SECOND chair.  She was ecstatic and we were so proud of our songbird!     She's still very active in her youth group at FBC-Bentonville and summers are literally a BLUR with all the camps, mission trips and bible studies they do during their summer break.  I can see why High School truly FLIES by!!  She is SO busy...ALL the time!  :(  I just want time to slow down a BIT....thankful for the snow days right now!

Baylie turned 11 in September and started a new school as well this year.  Baylie started middle school at Ruth Hale Barker Middle School and is in 5th grade.  She is having a good year so far and is making great grades, for which we are extremely thankful!  Baylie is our athletic child and she keeps us busy YEAR round with Spring and Fall softball and basketball.  Rather than playing with Upward Basketball, we had Baylie try out for a 6th grade team and she made it, so she is playing on a competitive league and is still working on getting more "aggressive" (something she had to curb with Upward!) :)   Baylie is also active with the children's activities at church like Rylie.  It's a task to stay on top of everything; however, church is like our second home and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Greg has entered his 11th year with Walmart and it's truly been a blessing.  He has done quite well with the company and we are blessed with God's favor and blessing upon him.  Greg assists with the coaches on Baylie's softball teams, so he really enjoys that.  He continues to play golf a LOT (leagues and tournaments), and he has joined the CrossFit craze.  So glad he has found things that will keep him active and will keep him healthy for a long time.

Angie is still at home attempting to keep the Slone household running smoothly.  She started working part-time at our church preschool to get out of the house a few days during the week.  Since it is tied to school hours, she is always off when the girls are off, so it hasn't ever interfered with the goal of being home with the kids and being active with their schools.  Between all these things, Angie is still directing children choir, singing in the church choir, playing handbells, co-directing VBS and  being  active with many ministries at FBC.  It's always been said Angie is a Martha...never a Mary! :)

We cannot forget our furry children: Chloe & Zoey (our miniature Schnauzers)...they add to the Slone's Adventures.

Lastly, we hope and pray as you read this that it has updated you in ways that sometimes we can't accomplish on our own.  We are grateful for each and every one of you and we know the Lord put you in our lives for a season...some long...some short.  Make no mistake...we are better because of you.  As you enter this Christmas season...please don't bog yourself down so much that you lose the HOPE of the season....the PURPOSE of the holiday: JESUS!  May He be your peace, may He be your joy and may He be your everything!! 

With all our love -
The Slone's